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Casa Ojalá offers a world of infinite choice

19 Aug 2019
By Roger Thorp
Senior Worker (959 XP)
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Casa Ojalá offers a world of infinite choice


To be presented at milan design week, casa ojalá offers a world of infinite choice

IB studio

Largo Claudio Treves, 5, 20121 Milano MI, Italy

architect beatrice bonzanigo of IB studio presents the design for the adaptable ‘casa ojalá,’ a transportable home with twenty configurations that covers just 27 square meters.

the cabin home is expressive of sailboat construction, developed from a manual mechanical system of ropes, pulleys, and cranks. to be presented at this year’s milan design week, the customizable house is designed to exist anywhere on earth. the traditions of its context are displayed through local wood and textiles to highlight its distinctive and aesthetic adaptability, while remaining a formally recognizable, globally marketable object.italian architect beatrice bonzanigo designed the home as a sustainable, minimal space which eliminates the boundary between interior and exterior. the project will be presented as an installation to introduce viewers to the ‘world of infinite choice.’ while the programmatic layout can be continually reorganized, the micro home offers two bedrooms, a bathroom, a terrace, a kitchenette and a living room. while photovoltaic panels serve as the home’s energy supply, a system of rainwater-collection and a septic tank provide water for drinking and bathing. the patent, entitled ‘residential building with high flexibility,’ will be presented as a 1:10 scale model at milan design week from april 9th to 14th, 2019.

IB studio explains the concept of the project: ‘ojalá is a word that summarizes the concept of infinite possibilities, hopes related to emptiness and absence, intuition, a key of a door not yet open, a new field of existence, a telescope that brings together and moves horizons, a space of different possibilities and, therefore, a wish that comes true.’



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