Olive NetworkA social network that nurtures long-term positive thinking with charity, the arts, science and humanities at its heart
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The Olive Network (ON) is an online platform that aims to foster tolerance and understanding throughout diverse global communities by focusing on the positive long-term contributions of charities, the arts and humanities. We post stories which show people making a difference in the local community and globally. We aim to connect long term thinkers -  charities, organisations, individuals, scientists, educators, artists  - with people who support them. 

We curate stories from around the world that illustrate the good, long term things happening amidst the short term babble of politics and media.

We will help Organisations create their own page on the network where they can post stories to their newsfeed and tell people who they are. They will reach a new audience in a place where the population has positive thinking at heart.

Each subscriber can create a network of personal friendships and chosen Orgs. They can create their own boards and library to share with their friends. From children using the internet as a window on the world to students of the Arts and Humanities, International Development, Environmental Studies and Ethics, to anyone interested in progressive enlightened thinking, ON will be an easily accessible resource for individuals to learn about the important issues you post.

ON is powered by the Values Exchange (VX) which was created by Professor David Seedhouse from his highly regarded work in ethics and decision-making,

ON gives everyone a real say about issues that matter most. We share stories to help make positive knowledge grow.


Who we are

The Olive Network has grown not only as the upshot of an internet innovation but as the result of years of work in ethics, charities fundraising, media, communications and the arts.

Roger Thorp – Founder: Roger is a film-maker and artist. An important tranche of his career was working as a producer/director for NGO’s and Charities including WWF, International Labour Organisation, International Red Cross and United Nations Environment Programme.

David Seedhouse – Founder Values Exchange: David created the Values Exchange while a lecturer and Professor at universities in the UK and NZ.  David is an original thinker and prolific author, having written or edited sixteen books (including second and third editions), published by Wiley and Sage.

Ben Suffell – Partner and Marketing: Ben currently runs a charity fund raising organisation. Marketing, account management, people management, finance, business direction, new technology and fundraising consultancy are where his skills lie.

Lucy Thorp – Partner and Communications: Lucy’s background is in media relations at Greenpeace UK and Sustrans – the National Cycle Network - and in establishing new online ventures.

Peter Kirby – Partner and Copywriter: Peter’s background is in the advertising world working on extensive national and international campaigns. His creative writing has appeared in The Guardian, Design Museum, Channel 4 and Tate.