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Every Organisation that joins the Olive Network will be able to share stories and news and create a link to their website to connect with a new audience – educating, informing and facilitating debate about the issues that matter, reaching out to a world of socially concerned citizens to help positive knowledge grow. 

Your page has a News Feed, About and Stories options. You supply images and text (or we can simply copy them from your website), we do the rest. We create your entry and then you post your own stories and other material, or send them through to us and we’ll do it for you.




SCHOOLS CLIMATE ACTION: School and university students around the world are striking to draw attention to climate change. Various movements have been triggered after Greta Thunberg protested alone in 2018 outside the Swedish Parliament. The Olive Network can be place where all these groups can combine to make their voices heard. CONNECT


EXTINCTION REBELLION HELSTON: The Helston, Cornwall, UK group of the global Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement: Rebel for Life. We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. The government has failed to protect us. To survive, it’s going to take everything we’ve got. CONNECT


DWELLING: Innovations in housing, gardening and community living. CONNECT


EDUCATION: This Group focuses on education. Education based upon global humanities - societies, culture, philosophy, history, human geography, ecology, religion, arts and sciences, reaching across borders, offering insights into different cultures and fostering equality and understanding. CONNECT


THE ARTS - SUSTAINABLE ECOLOGY: The Arts play an essential role in creating and sustaining awareness about environmental issues. Here we hope to illustrate the reach and depth of how the arts contribute to progressive ecological thinking by curating stories and offering forums and a network for conversation. CONNECT


TRANSPORT INNOVATION: How new technology is shaping the way we get around. CONNECT


INTERNATIONAL MUSIC AND FILM: A new group focusing on International Music and Film. More to come... CONNECT


SOL FORCE - IN AID OF FREEDOM FROM TORTURE:   Sol Force is a spectacular outdoor art event for all at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens and curated by Jesse Leroy Smith. Held in aid of Freedom from Torture, the event features soundscapes, films, paintings, ceramics, talks, poetry readings, performances, choirs and site-specific artworks. CONNECT



THE HYPATIA TRUST:  The Hypatia Trust is a registered educational charity in the United Kingdom. We support and promote women’s achievements through research and documentation, exhibition, publication and by providing training and educational activities. CONNECT


HOPE FOR THE FUTURE:   We support anyone and everyone who is concerned about climate change to raise their local MP’s awareness of the issue -  climate campaigners, academics, faith communities, local groups, NGOs and individuals across the UK. CONNECT



AUGUST 2019 - The Organisations featured include:



Water Aid


Shelter Box


World Economic Forum


Surfers Against Sewage

Hope Not Hate

Art 2030

International Red Cross

Freedom From Torture

International Labour Organisation

Ruya Foundation

Muslim Aid

Oxfam International

Conservation International

Julie’s Bicycle

Cool Earth

Franciscan’s International

Arts Council UK

Playing For Change


Save the Children

The Global Partnership for Education

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Extinction Rebellion



The Guardian

Artnet News


BBC Radio 4

Positive News

Buzz Feed

Bored Panda


National Geographic