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Planet Art: Amapá

24 Mar 2019
By Roger Thorp
Senior Worker (959 XP)
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Planet Art: Amapá

Photographs by Hello Monday, 2017

Planet Art is a series of art projects around the world, united under the goal of creating art with long-term benefits for our natural world. With a larger vision of interdisciplinary collaboration for artworks of positive impact for all forms of life, as well as educational awareness for sustainability, Planet art aims to create a world-wide movement for natural nurture.

Planet Art will kick of with an ambitious, large-scale project in northern Brazil. Working within an area faced with issues such as environmental protection and revitalization, sustainable economic development, and responsible production, the project brings together art and diverse expertise to create a powerful, long-standing, living-statement for a better world.

Video by Hello Monday, 2018.



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